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Workout Classes to Try This Year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends American adults get 2.5 hours of exercise every week. Surprisingly, 80 percent of American adults fail to meet that goal. Anyone moving apartments soon should see if classes for any of the following activities are nearby. These are just a few of the ways to work up a sweat while having fun. 


SkyRobics utilizes the amazing power of trampolines to make people more physically fit. In these workout classes, bouncing up and down on the trampoline for only 10 minutes is the equivalent of jogging for 30 minutes. It is a great exercise to strengthen your muscles and organs. It also improves agility, reaction speed, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Lightsaber Workout Class

Out of all the new workouts to hit the scene this past year, this one is made for the Jedi in everybody. Lightsaber fitness classes involve a combination of strength training, cardio and martial arts. Classes last for 45 minutes, and participants are encouraged to show up in full Jedi or Sith attire.

Cycling Karaoke

Most people are familiar with spinning classes where you work out on a stationary bicycle for an hour. However, the latest trend to hit New York is cycling karaoke. This gives you all the physical benefits of cycling with the fun of singing karaoke. You have a wide selection of songs to choose from. You should just try to not be too on the nose by singing “Bicycle Race” by Queen.

POUND Drumming

You can drum up an amazing workout with POUND. This training incorporates yoga, isometric movements and Pilates into a full-body experience. You can rock out to your favorite tunes while burning up to 600 calories in a single 45-minute session.

Are there any fun, unique workout classes you have taken recently? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.