The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters That Money Can Buy

Lights. Fringe. Pom-poms. Ugly sweater parties have become so popular that you no longer have to hit the thrift store to find a vintage sweater that once hung in someone’s closet during the 80s. Nor do you have to embellish your own sweater. (Although DIY sweaters are often the best . . . errr, the worst at the party.) Here are a few of the ugliest sweaters that money can buy.

Team Spirit

Show where your loyalties lie with one of these foul yet festive NFL sweaters. If football isn’t your thing, there is also a full line of officially licensed NBA ugly sweaters, including this Dwyane Wade sweater that should be burned. Many college teams are also getting in on the action. Shout out to my alma mater. Go Buffs!


Quotable Quotes

What’s your favorite line from 80s classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Whether it’s “That there is an RV” or something else, men’s and women’s apparel from the movie will make it a Griswold family Christmas, complete with lights. If you’re hitting the party circuit as a couple check out this “Why is the carpet all wet, Todd?!” sweater and the accompanying “I Don’t Know Margo.”


Animal Puns

The only thing more groan-worthy than a sweater with cats, dogs or other furry creatures on it is one with animal puns. Think “meowy Christmas” or “I like big racks.” Enough said.

Cast Your Vote

The Presidential election is far from over, but you will earn the most votes in any one of these festive politician Christmas sweaters. From the former first lady to our favorite comb-over candidate, all of the major players are represented.

Suit Up

What do you do after you’ve attended so many ugly sweater parties that you feel like you’ve exhausted every idea out there? In the immortal words of Barney Stinson, “Suit up.” That’s right, this polyester suit takes unattractiveness to a new level, from head to toe.

Where do you like to shop for ugly sweaters? Share your favorite places below.


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