Two for One: Art and Room Divider

You found the perfect apartment. An open concept, enough space for big parties or intimate dinners and a killer view. Even with all these pluses, there’s often something you wish you could improve. When structural changes are out of the question, you have an opportunity to get creative. If you need to separate spaces or give your rooms more definition, consider a room divider. Since you don’t want to lose any natural light or feel closed in, try a DIY string screen.


I decided on a 6-feet-high by 2-feet-wide screen, although you can make yours in any size.

Choose a hardwood like oak, ash, maple or cherry for best results, but in a pinch any type of wood will work. I purchased 2 ½-inches by ¾-inch maple trim boards with a smooth surface that didn’t need sanding or staining. I like the mid-century modern look of Scandinavian furniture, so the natural wood tone of maple is ideal. The only other supplies I needed were corner L-brackets, screws, wood glue and string.

There are lots of string and yarn options available. I went with nylon twisted mason line that doesn’t stretch and is smooth enough to pull through the pre-drilled holes.

Step One

After cutting the framing boards to the appropriate size, use a shelving jig to drill evenly spaced holes with a ¼-inch drill bit.

Step Two

Glue and screw the top and bottom pieces to the sides, then secure with the L-brackets. You can add eyelet hooks to the top to hang the screen from the ceiling or attach feet to the bottom with leftover wood for a free-standing divider.

Step Three

Pull lengths of string though the holes in a random pattern. I alternated white and orange until I was satisfied with the results, then tied off the edges. You can make your “string art” as compact or open as you like. There are no rules!

The final result is not only an original piece of art and a room divider, but it’s portable, too. When you make your next move, it goes with you. It’s a versatile addition to your home decor that can work in almost any room.

is an interior designer who loves to write about home decor and beautiful crafts for The Home Depot. She provides some great tips on updating your home with interesting furniture and wall decor.

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