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Top 5 Summer Reading Prompts That Sizzle

Summer reading lists abound telling you to read this bestseller or that classic novel you missed. While both are noble pursuits, they’re probably not as fun as the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, which features 40 book prompts instead of specific must-read titles. Here are five POPSUGAR Reading Challenge prompts — some with a few suggestions — to help you build a summer reading list that sizzles.

  1. A Book by a Local Author

Now that you’ve moved into your posh new apartment, do a little legwork and get the scoop on local authors. Visit the nearest independent bookstore or neighborhood public library for some great ideas and a copy or two.

  1. A Book Set in a Country That Fascinates You

Read your way across the globe with virtually endless options. Yaa Gyasi’s “Homegoing” is a stunning heartbreaker set in Ghana. If Ireland is on your list, try Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series. Khaled Hosseini’s books will take you to Afghanistan, and Gabriel García Márquez brings Colombia to life.

  1. A Book About Feminism

Betty Friedan is the gold standard, but there’s sheer brilliance in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists” and “Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions.” And don’t rule out Virginia Woolf, whose feminism shines through in “A Room of One’s Own.”

  1. A Book Made Into a Movie You’ve Already Seen

They say the book is always better, so why not find out for yourself? Check out Signature’s list of 19 Great American Read selections that became classic movies. Choose a movie you’ve seen and challenge yourself to read the source material.

  1. A Book Set in the Decade You Were Born

Use the best books by decade lists from Goodreads to explore options from the 1910s and onward. You’ll have fun discovering new favorites yesterday’s bestsellers!

What are you reading this summer? Share your suggestions and book reviews in the comments below.