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Top 5 Pool Workouts for Summertime Fitness

If your new building, local gym or neighborhood park has a pool, then you’re all set to stay cool this summer. To look and feel your best, why not evolve your daily dips into workouts? More than just a way to up the fun factor, water exercise provides a low-resistance way to tone muscles, burn calories and build stamina. Ready to get serious with your summertime fitness goals? Here are five pool workouts that help you ditch plain old laps and get results fast.

  1. Fitness Magazine’s 20-Minute Water Workout

Think of this 20-minute workout as circuit training in the water. Using the shallow end of the pool, complete a series of 10 familiar exercises — crunches, knee twists and jogging in place — for two minutes each. You’re done in a flash!

  1. SELF Magazine’s Ultimate Pool Workout

Grab a pool noodle and try SELF’s ultimate pool workout. Use varying water depths and a combination of techniques three times a week to engage all your muscle groups: legs, abs, chest, legs, obliques, buttocks and back.

  1. Men’s Journal Swimming Drills

If you want to up the training intensity and maximize your results, try these five swimming drills from Men’s Journal. This workout combines strokes, crunches and kicks with running to build endurance, speed and core strength.

  1. Healthy Women’s Water Workouts for Weight Loss

This beginner weight-loss workout blends water walking with five different exercises to kick up the calorie burn. Each leg and hip rotation exercise gradually builds upon the previous one to increase your confidence and skill.

  1. Fit Pregnancy and Baby’s Ultimate Prenatal Pool Workout

Get great aerobic exercise for both you and baby! This three-part prenatal program uses swimming and comfortable deep-water and shallow-water moves to do the following:

  • Relieve back pressure
  • Alleviate foot and leg swelling
  • Boost fitness levels
  • Promote mental clarity

Do you have a go-to pool workout? Share your tips and techniques in the comments below.