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Top 5 Cherry Recipes To Savor This Summer

With summer’s splendor comes the freshness of seasonal fruits and veggies packed with flavor. The next time you spot those shining mounds of Bing, Rainier or yellow cherries at the local farmers market, snap up a few pounds and try these five cherry recipes that go way beyond pie.

  1. Fresh Cherry Lemonade

Quench your thirst with EatingWell’s fresh cherry lemonade. Grab just four ingredients — sweet cherries, lemon juice, sugar and water — to have a pitcher on hand for kids, guests or yourself. (Pro tip: Why not add drizzle of liquor and make it a grown-up drink?)

  1. Spinach Salad With Fresh Cherry Vinaigrette

Want to change up your salad routine this summer? Try Making Thyme for Health’s spinach salad with fresh cherry vinaigrette. This recipe stars fresh cherries in a dual role: on the salad and in the dressing. Skip the maple cashews for a nut-free option that’s every bit as delicious.

  1. Grilled Pork Chops With Cherry Sauce

Invite your guests, fire up the grill and host a summer dinner party featuring Mark Bittman’s grilled pork chops with cherry sauce. Butter and red wine blend with cherries for a savory-sweet complement to bone-in chops seasoned perfectly with fresh herbs.

  1. Cherry Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

If you don’t own an ice cream maker, find someone who does and make this decadent cherry dark chocolate ice cream from the PBS Fresh Tastes blog. Forget toppings, sauces or whipped cream. You’ll only need a waffle cone or bowl to serve this showstopper.

  1. Cherry Preserves

Make summer last all year with Martha Stewart’s cherry preserves recipe. This one requires some extra time and effort, but won’t it be worth it to have a burst of summer on sandwiches and desserts during the chilly months?

In the comments below, tell us which of these cherry recipes you’re ready to try, or share your own ways to make cherries a summer menu highlight.