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Tips For Spring Cleaning With Your Roommates

From bunkbeds in your basement bedroom to the tight confines of a dorm room, you’ve probably cohabited before. But let’s face it: neither of those scenarios is associated with cleanliness. Spring cleaning probably never crossed your mind until you noticed some of the luster of your apartment in need of a duster. Freshen things up with these tips for spring cleaning with your roommates.

Plan a Time When Everyone Can Help

You are all undoubtedly busy, but you’ll only need to block out a few hours to get things done when everyone helps. Many hands make light work!

Make a Chore Chart

Curb your inner control-freak. Make a list of things that need to be done, but don’t make assignments. Instead, let your roommates choose the things they don’t mind doing. Someone may love to squeegee the dog hair out of the carpet, while someone else may enjoy hosing off the patio furniture.

Decide on Acceptable Cleaning Products

Not everyone loves the smell of a freshly bleached bathroom.  Even if your roommate isn’t into all things green, large scale cleaning with products full of chemicals could cause respiratory problems. Discuss what kind of products to use and stock up on them in advance.

Make it Fun

Dancing while you dust? It’s hard not to shake your hips and burn a few extra calories when you crank up this spring cleaning playlist!  (Just be respectful of your neighbors.) And don’t forget the money, honey. Everyone will be more willing to part with some of the clutter if you turn it into a vacay fund. Or reward yourselves by going to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at, but never did because it was to expensive. Clean out your closets and find a nearby consignment shop to sell furniture and clothing for you, or check out these online consigners and sell those Manolo Blahniks that pinch your toes yourself.

How do you divvy up seasonal cleaning with your roommates? Share your advice by commenting below.