The Newest Kitchen Gadget to Get Pumped About

Whenever you move into a new place or try a new recipe, there’s always some trial and error involved when it comes to using the oven. You might have to bake your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe a few minutes less in the modern oven in your luxury apartment than you did in the antiquated model that your landlord insisted nothing was wrong with in the last place you lived. What’s better than finally perfecting recipe baking times? How about an oven that automatically senses what you put inside and cooking it flawlessly the first time? Enter the June Intelligent Oven.

The June may be small in size—comparable to a microwave—but it’s big on innovation. It features:

  • Touch screen controls
  • Two temperature probes
  • High-definition video camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • Built-in scale

All of these components work together to identify the type of food inside, weigh it, and determine the correct cooking temperature and time. Once you put your food in and close the door, you can walk away and get another episode out of your Netflix queue. June’s iPhone app notifies you when your food is done. Thanks to the oven’s camera, you can even check the progress on your phone without getting up off the couch.

Another exciting thing about this high-tech countertop kitchen gadget? It doesn’t need to preheat. The carbon-fiber heating elements take mere seconds to reach full temperature, yet the exterior remains cool to the touch. You can also program recipes into the June Intelligent oven, making your recipe books obsolete.

This smart oven is pricy, but probably worth every penny, especially since you can take it with you when you move. Pre-orders cost around $1,500 and ship in the spring of 2016. Once available, the price will likely increase.

Do you plan to purchase June Intelligent Oven? What other kitchen gadgets do you long for? Tell us in the comments below.

Amy Johnson

is UDR’s budding social media guru, and has been instrumental in constructing the brand’s content strategy. After graduating from University of Colorado- Boulder, she started working for UDR as a marketing intern. When she isn’t perusing the web for the perfect pins and Facebook posts, she can be found hiking somewhere with her dog Rory.

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