The Makings of a Perfect Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic. This laidback lunch is a refreshing change from the on-the-go meals that our fast-paced lifestyle often demands. But unpacking your basket only to find that you forgot forks for the fruit salad or a corkscrew for the wine ruins the relaxation.

Think Outside the Basket

Nothing says picnic quite like woven basket, but this classic carrier isn’t always the most practical. There are many different kits and containers to choose from. An insulated tote keeps drinks chilled and can be thrown over your shoulder, making it easy to carry most anywhere. If you have to walk very far though, you might want consider a rolling cooler instead. Or, when you want to head off the beaten path—whether on a sandy beach or near a mountain stream—to enjoy an intimate picnic for two, a backpack with a wine carrier and blanket is a must-have.

Keep the Cuisine Casual

Regardless of where you plan to eat, keep the menu simple. This doesn’t mean that you have to pack PBJs. There are plenty of quick and easy foods with sophisticated flavor. Real Simple offers a few mouth-watering menus, including prosciutto sandwiches with roasted red pepper and pasta salad with asparagus.

Make a List

Don’t just start randomly throwing things in your carrier. Make a list of everything you need for your alfresco feast so you don’t forget key ingredients, necessary cutlery or even a Frisbee to toss around after you eat. You could use a pen and paper, but there are also a variety of apps like Picnic Planner that come pre-populated with essential items and also have customizable capabilities.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Finally, don’t forget to pack a few plastic bags. Use one for trash, another for recyclables and one for reusable dishes that are dirty. This keeps your preferred dining spot clean for others and protects the inside of your carrier.

A little planning and preparation is all it takes to make the perfect picnic. Where are your favorite places to go? Do you have any easy, packable recipes? Share your tips and tricks below.
Amy Johnson

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