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Summer Reading List: 2017 Edition

The summer season is officially here, and it’s begging for a good book. Whether you want to lose yourself in a plot-driven page-turner or desire something a little lighter guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, you’ll find it our summer reading list.

For the Beach

Fall in love with both the characters and the places portrayed in Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins: A Novel. The epic journey spans five decades and takes place on the rugged Italian coast as well as behind the scenes in glitzy Hollywood. The book is full of emotion—from hilarity to heartbreak, tenderness to ruthlessness.

For the Book Club

Small Great Things is a novel based on a true story of nurse prohibited from tending to a newborn for no reason other than the color of her skin. Beyond an honest examination of racism, author Jodi Picoult explores a theme of choice and accountability, as well as those of fear and hope. One can’t help but contemplate the current political climate of our society and have meaningful discussions after reading this book.

For a Good Laugh

Just because you don’t have hours on end to read doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a well-written book. Each story in B.J. Novak’s One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is just a few pages long—perfect to enjoy in short bursts. You’ll laugh out loud the sharp, witty way that Novak turns societal observations into fictional stories, and the subtle way they are all connected.

For an Escape

Armchair travelers and jet setters alike will salivate over the glossy pages of Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places. Beyond the larger-than-life photographs that National Geographic is famous for, the book also includes information on the best times to vacation in each destination, things to do and places to eat, for an experience that is authentic rather than touristy.

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