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Spring Moving Tips

If you’re planning to move this spring, you’re not alone. Spring is the season of change, and one of the most popular times to move. The snow has melted and made way for clear paths to move furniture, but the mercury hasn’t yet risen to insanely hot temperatures—especially in the back of a moving truck! Once you’ve found the ideal luxury apartment for your changing needs, keep these Spring moving tips in mind for a stress-free relocation.

  1. Reserve a moving truck early.

May is typically the busiest month for moving, but March and April are popular too. Make your reservations as far in advance as possible so that you get the size of truck you need. Pro tip: you can save a little extra money by scheduling your move on a weekday instead of a weekend.

  1. Take spring cleaning to a new level.

As you do your spring cleaning this year, take a good look at everything in your current residence. What do you really use? Donate anything that isn’t essential to charity or have a garage sale a few weeks prior to your move to eliminate extra hassle on moving day.

  1. Don’t forget pollen prevention.

Pack with the windows closed and seal boxes tightly during the spring months. While it may be tempting to simply fold flaps down on certain boxes instead of securing them with packaging tape, you might end up creating more work for yourself later. The last thing you want to do is have to wipe the pollen off everything as you unpack.  If you are prone to allergies, be sure to keep your meds and some tissues somewhere accessible rather than sealed up in a box.

  1. Dress in layers.

Moving is a daylong task and spring weather is often unpredictable. Layer your clothing so that you stay warm during the cool morning hours and can easily adapt as the sun comes out, then goes back behind a cloud.

Do you have any other advice for moving during this time of year? Share your tips by commenting below.