Simple Recipes to Get Your Veggies in

When the mercury drops to muscle-clenching-cold temperatures and the farmer’s market is a distant memory, it’s tempting to turn to heavy pasta dishes, cheeses and breads for comfort. Eating healthy vegetables isn’t just something to look forward to in the summer, though. There are plenty of simple recipes to help you get multiple servings of vegetables at every meal that leave you feeling full and satisfied.


Zucchini and green peppers are a classic omelet combination, but the selection in the produce department tends to be a little lackluster during the winter months. Try this spinach, tomato and feta egg white omelet instead. It’s as flavorful as it is fluffy. Serve it with a side of hash browns fried in canola oil to sneak in yet another serving of veggies.


Make this savory roasted carrot and parsnip soup the night before, then eat it alongside a chicken sandwich piled high with sprouts for lunch the next day. Sophisticated yet simple, it’s a refreshing change from the go-to-grilled-cheese that you dunk in tomato soup on a cold winter day.

When you crave some crunch with your lunch, try baking up homemade potato chips and enjoying them with this turkey, smashed pea and pesto sandwich.


Two words: stir-fry. You can throw just about any vegetable you please into this simple dinner standby. Snow peas, Chinese cabbage and water chestnuts are always a flavorful combination, but this cucumber and radish dish served with rice noodles is even better. Radishes naturally prevent viral infections and sooth sore throats, making them the perfect vegetable to eat in the winter.

When you’re looking for an effortless side dish to complement a meaty main course, try some roasted Brussels sprouts. They taste great with pork, beef and chicken.

We want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite vegetable recipes? Share them below.

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