Shades of Grey: A Room by Room Guide to Decorating With This Sophisticated Color

Grey is the new go-to neutral color for interior decorating. Think of it as your favorite little black dress or designer suit. The color is sophisticated and stylish enough to stand on its own in your carefully-appointed luxury apartment; or, it can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Read on for room by room color inspiration.

In the Bedroom

Create a restful retreat by using warm shades of grey on the walls and balancing it with cool shades in linens. Keep the palette monochromatic for the most calming effect, but use patterns and textures to prevent the space from becoming ho-hum. A two-tone upholstered headboard with exposed nail heads and a patterned area rug, for instance, add visual interest to the space.

In the Kitchen

Incorporating grey into your kitchen design gives it a sleek, clean look. Use the color carefully, however, or you could end up with a space that looks sterile and cold. Choose warm hues for the walls and contrast it with pops of a bright color, like red pedestal barstools and a decorative red bowl. Citrus yellow and charcoal grey is also a great color combination for the kitchen.

In the Bathroom

Again, you don’t want this room to look sterile when using a grey color scheme. Bring in a few natural elements to create a tranquil, spa-like space. A linen tower made of distressed or reclaimed wood warms up the space, as does a unique floor vase filled with tall branches.

In the Living Room

Mix and match shades to give the room character. Deep grey furniture anchors the room, while lighter, barely-there grey walls keep it airy and open up the space. Conversely, walls saturated with a steely hue contrasted with softer colored furniture creates a more intimate atmosphere. Find color inspiration in bright accessories to keep the space from looking gloomy. If your apartment has an open floor plan, be sure to continue the same color scheme you used in the kitchen, using printed yellow throw pillows or a red artwork and furnishings.


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