The Secret to Making Your Apartment Smell Amazing: a Digital Smell Speaker

With a few taps of your smartphone, it’s easy to shut the blinds, tweak the thermostat, and turn off the lights from wherever you are.  And now, Harvard professor David Edwards is making it possible to control the scent of your home, too.

His digital smell speaker- called the Cyrano, is a small cylindrical device which sort of looks like a candle. It emits 12 distinct scents that you can use to create a “playlist” via a corresponding app. Reports indicate that scents are divided into energizing, relaxing, and escapist categories.Selecting “Get Away,” for example, will give you a tropical melody of Bellini, guava, coconut, and suntan lotion; meanwhile, “Get Energized” will wake you up with scents like peppermint and orange ginger.

Introducing Cyrano from Vapor Communications on Vimeo

At a launch event on May 4th, 2016- Edwards described Cyrano by explaining how it works in its base use-case: the car. “There’s a lot of data around wellness and driving…” But Edwards has grander ambitions for Cyrano than being a glorified air freshener, including educational  and medical applications. We also see a potential application for the apartment home. Humans have a very advanced sense of smell, we just don’t exercise it as much as other animals. All are compelling possibilities for the future.

For now, Cyrano is being released in a limited run of 500 devices—available here for $149—with a full product release later this year.

Are you intrigued by the idea of a digital smell speaker?

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