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Romantic Restaurants in Cherry Creek

One person’s idea of romance may be to read Neruda poems out loud, while another may want to scream — snoozers! — at the prospect. Some may want to meticulously wash the feet of their love interest, while others have absent-mindedly showered their date with physics-defying spittle and slammed a restaurant door in the face (yes, it happened). However you happen to roll in the romance department, everyone can agree that great food should be part of the equation. So, if you have decided to not use the gourmet kitchen in your Cherry Creek apartment, here are three romantic restaurants you could try out with your date.

Barolo Grill

If you are looking for a quiet and elegant evening on a special occasion with your date, Barolo offers northern Italian cuisine from Piedmont and Tuscany provinces with an award-winning and expansive selection of wines. The restaurant serves breads made in-house and seasonally-rotating menu to feature ingredients from regional farms. Barolo takes their staff to Italy annually for an authentic experience.

True Food Kitchen

If a menu prepared in an open kitchen with seasonal, fresh ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties is your idea of romance, then True Food offers decadence for all — especially vegetarians and vegans, with gluten-free and regular options. Healthy eating is made fun by such hits as inside-out quinoa burger, grass-fed beef burger, caramelized onion tart, edamame dumplings, the signature lemongrass margarita and tulsi tea.

Matsuhisa Denver

If you are in the mood for Japanese food with great service, don’t miss Matsuhisa Denver.  A seat at the sushi bar offers the awesome experience of watching the chefs at work. The restaurant offers an open layout and a diverse demographic with an overall vibrant and energetic feel. The miso black cod, truffle sea bass and rock shrimp tempura are some of the raved-about items.

It’s not possible to include all the terrific restaurants and bars on any list. Are your favorites missing? Share them below in the comments.