Quick and Easy Lunch Break Workouts

You need to be at work early to prepare for a big presentation and your schedule is packed all day—even an after-hours client dinner. So how do you keep that New Year’s resolution to exercise daily? Utilize your lunch break. There are plenty of quick and easy lunch break workouts that get your blood pumping. No sweat. (And we mean that both literally and figuratively.)


Using nothing more than your chair and your desk, you can stretch and sculpt every muscle in your body. Check out these ways to sneak in exercise at work and in just 20 minutes, you’ll feel better physically and mentally.

7 Minute Workout App

Download the 7 Minute Workout app and let it guide your through a dozen high-intensity bodyweight exercises in—you guessed it!—7 minutes. Want to target a specific zone? It offers in-app upgrades for your core, booty, arms, etc. Warning: some of the moves aren’t quite as discreet as deskercises and other moves require the use of a wall, so you may want to book the conference room if you reside in Cubicle Land. Or, invite your neighbors to join you so everyone is on an endorphin high after lunch.

Hit the Floor

Stash a yoga mat under your desk and hit the floor when everyone else hits the cafeteria. This no-sweat fitness routine takes you through a series of bridges, lunges and tricep dips. There’s even an ab exercise dubbed the Crunchy Frog. What’s not to love about that?

Join the Resistance

Resistance bands are easy to stash in your desk drawer, and perfect for quick afternoon workout. Doing a 15-minute session a few times a week improves your balance, builds muscle and reduces joint pain. Try these resistance band exercises whenever you’re short on time.

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