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Planning the Perfect Oscars Viewing Party in Your Apartment

The 2017 Oscar race is on! With Ryan Gosling and Casey Affleck as the predicted frontrunners for Best Actor and Emma Stone and Amy Adams vying for Best Actress, it’s going to be exciting. And let’s not forget our hilarious host, Jimmy Kimmel. So roll out the red carpet (literally!), invite your A-list friends, and host the hottest Oscars Viewing party of the season in your apartment. Here’s how.

The Invitations

Life gets busy. You may not have seen some of your friends since New Year’s Eve. An Oscar party is the perfect reasons to get together again. Send out some glamorous online invitations 2-3 weeks in advance so that everyone has time to catch the nominated flicks they haven’t seen yet. Want your friends to dress to impress? Include that on the invitation as well.

 The Decorations

Set the stage for your Hollywood affair with a red carpet and rope railings.  Be sure to have a backdrop along the way where guests can stop and snap a selfie.I especially love this gold star wall hanging from JoJotasticYou might even want to hang up movie posters from a few of your favorite Best Picture winners.

The Food

You don’t have to cook for hours to create a star-worthy spread. Instead, consider ordering take-out from your favorite Chinese place and renaming the dishes. Think Clockwork Orange Chicken. Bubba Gump Shrimp Fried Rice. You get the idea. Or, you can make it a potluck-style party and offer awards for cleverly named dishes in each category: Best Appetizer, Best Party Punch, Best Entrée and Best Dessert. Rocky road ice cream, anyone?

The Broadcast

Watching the show live on February 26th is the whole reason for the party. But even film buffs tend to get a little board during the middle of the three-plus hour broadcast. Keep things lively by introducing some friendly competition to your party. Printable Oscar ballots and prizes (Fandango gift card, perhaps?) are a must. You can also create bingo cards with things like:

  • Jimmy flubs a Line
  • More than five people go on stage to accept single award
  • Wardrobe malfunction
  • Perfume commercial airs

During commercial breaks, you could have friends give their own acceptance speeches and award prizes for the funniest speech of the night.

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