Places to Pick Apples and Pumpkins Close to NYC

Few things are more satisfying than biting into an apple fresh off the tree on a brisk Autumn day. There are countless eateries that serve farm-fresh fare in any direction from your apartment in New York City, but ironically enough, there aren’t any orchards to be seen in The Big Apple. That doesn’t mean picking fresh fruit and veggies is merely a fantasy, however. There are actually a number of farms and orchards close to NYC where you can go apple or pumpkin picking. Be sure to check out these places to pick apples and pumpkins close to NYC.

Apple Dave’s Orchards

Located just an hour away from the GWB, Apple Dave’s Orchards opens on Labor Day weekend. Pay for a picking bag and pay only for what you put in the bag. There are no admission or parking fees, and apples that you eat in the orchard are free! Sink your teeth into any of these four varieties in September: McIntosh Red, Cortland, Empire or Honeycrisp. In October, come back for six different varieties: Jonagold, Gala, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Red Delicious or Rome.

Lawrence Farms Orchards

In addition to twelve different types of apples, Lawrence Farms Orchards also harvests a variety of other fruits and veggies starting in June, and continuing through the end of October. Fall favorites include corn, peaches, raspberries, tomatoes, pumpkins and winter squash. The cornucopia of produce you’ll come home with, combined with the beautiful scenery, is well worth the nearly two-hour trip from New York City to the Hudson Valley. Admission is $3 per person.

Wilkin’s Fruit & Fir Farm

This family-owned farm is located just an hour’s drive from Midtown Manhattan. If you don’t have a car, you can instead ride the Metro-North to Peekskill Station and catch a cab from there. Wilken’s opens for apple picking on September 5 and admission includes a hayride to the orchard being harvested that week. Pumpkin picking season begins on October 1. You can also come back after Thanksgiving to cut your own Christmas tree!

The Orchards of Concklin

You may have already tasted some of the mouth-watering produce grown in the Orchards of Concklin from one of the farmer’s markets that pop up throughout the city in Autumn. They are even better when you pluck them from the tree yourself. Come to pick apples, come back again (and again!) for the apple cider doughnuts made in the on-site bakery.

Have you gone apple picking at any of these places before? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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