Pets that Killed Christmas

For all of the joy and love that our pets bring into our lives, they also bring a fair amount of mischief. Although we love them no matter what, there are times that they push us to the tail end of sanity. Check out these furry pals that couldn’t help themselves when it came to getting into the holiday spirit.

1. Oh Christmas Tree…

Puppy-and-pine-treeIt looks like the allure of a giant, ornament laden pine tree was too much for this adorably guilty face!

2. The Gift that Keeps Giving


That little blue box is an icon of the gift-giving world to women across the globe. It appears that Keefer has taken it upon himself to open it up and save his owner the stress of wondering what could possibly be underneath that pretty white ribbon.


Now, this sin seems a little more forgivable since it is natural for dogs to want to tinkle on outdoor trees. However, this little maneuver could also spell disaster for any gifts under an indoor tree (not to mention the hardwood floors)! At least this pup looks dapper in his tasteful burgundy sweater!

3. How Lovely Are Thy Branches

Christmas-Puppy-ShameHey, at least this pooch didn’t knock down the entire tree! However, eating all of the ornaments off within a paw’s reach doesn’t exactly equal sainthood…

Kitty-in-the-treeHonestly, the acrobatics involved here are pretty impressive! It would appear this sly ornament thief has started from the top and slowly worked her way down, knocking down any decoration in her path. #Pawzilla?

4. He’s Making a List

Basement-Cat-and-SantaWell, that’s one way to stay on the naughty list for life. Let’s just go ahead and assume that assaulting Santa won’t do you any favors…


And while we’re at it, nobody really likes a suck up either. No matter how hard this pup tries, if he waits until he sees the big man to kiss up—he’s already a day late and a dollar short.

Do you have a picture of your pet “ruining” Christmas? Share it in the comments below!
Amy Johnson

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