Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair in Your Home

Removing Pet Hair

Summer is well underway and that means that pets have started to shed their winter coats to help beat the heat — leaving you to deal with the inevitable mess. If you’re anything like me, you love your pet but could do without explosions of fur on your couch and bedding…basically all over your apartment.

Here are some simple tips to help you groom and clean up after your furry friends this summer.

  • Veracious vacuum. The topic of the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners is a topic of much online debate. As a pet owner,  I know not all vacuum cleaners are able to adequately clean pet hair. Despite countless claims of the “best vacuum for pet hair”, I happen to love my Dyson Animal Vacuum. Rory doesn’t love it, but then again, he hates the vacuum. Watch as Rory attacks the vacuum.
  • Simply static. Dryer sheets and balloons both generate static electricity in order to remove pet hair on the affected surfaces. Simply rub the balloon or dryer sheet over the pet hair, and it will pick up the mess.
  • Sweep the hair away. For hair on hardwood floors, most brooms just rub pet hair around on the floor. Instead, check out the Fur-be-Gone Broom. Unlike an ordinary broom, the Fur-be-gone broom uses rubber bristles to generate electricity which can lift the fur from every surface in one quick sweep.
  • Don’t forget the crevices. Stairs are always a pain to vacuum, even more so when there is pet hair in the crevices between steps. Samantha swears by her new Bissel Pet Hair Eraser.
  • De-shed your dog. The FUR-minator is the ultimate pet hair brush. It is a special brush that effectively removes an animal’s undercoat and loose fur which can reduce the total amount of shedding in your home by 90%.

Cleaning up your pets hair can be a hassle, but now it doesn’t have to be. And obviously its all worth it in the end…after all, who could resist the cuteness?

Cute dog + Tongue out

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