Personal Finance Apps You Need in 2017


Spend less. Save More. However you choose to phrase your New Year’s resolutions, the goal is ultimately the same: to practice savvier financial strategies. Doing so is easier than ever before. Gone are the days of meticulously balancing a checkbook by hand. There are countless apps on the market that enable to manage your money—even invest in the stock market—with very little effort. Here are some of the must-have personal finance apps for 2017.

Level Money

Simply connect your bank and credit card accounts, and this free app powered by Capital One automatically does the rest. It offers suggestions to cut costs based on your regular spending habits, and even has a feature that automatically puts unused discretionary income into your savings account.


You don’t need a broker or thousands of dollars to invest in the stock market—all it takes is a little pocket change. Acorns is a must-have app for your smartphone that enables you to start investing a few cents at a time. After linking a credit card and checking account to the app, it rounds up each transaction to the nearest dollar and then invests the difference in your personal portfolio. This microsavings app also includes an education center with investing basics and frequently asked questions. Monthly account fees vary based on the dollar amount of your portfolio.


Whether you’re splitting the check at your favorite pub or planning an exotic trip somewhere, this free app makes it easy to do so. No more hearing “I’ll get you next time” and then forgetting to collect on that promise. Venmo eliminates the need to keep track of what your friends owe you or vice versa. Simply transfer the funds from one friend to another on your mobile device, regardless of whether you use the same bank. Basic? Yes. But it’s also an incredibly useful way to collect money from friends.


Are you sharing your apartment with a roommate? If so, Splitwise helps you calculate the rent based on square footage, closet space, etc. It also keeps a running total of household expenses so that you can pay or collect the expenses in one monthly lump sum instead of multiple payments each week.

Take control of your finances in 2017 by using these apps. It’s much easier to keep your New Year’s resolutions and achieve your financial goals when you can effortlessly track your expenses, automatically invest funds and easily collect debts from your friends.

Did we miss any of your favorite personal finance apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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