Pack Like a Pro: How to Fit More in Your Suitcase

Whether you are traveling for business or just because, the things you pack are paramount to enjoying your trip. You want to be prepared for changing climates and a variety of activities. Pack too much, though, and your luggage will not only be a burden to lift and maneuver through the airport, but it will likely be subject to burdensome checked baggage fees. Anytime you check a bag you also run the risk of the airline losing it. Here are a few ways to fit everything you need in a carry-on suitcase so that you can travel worry-free.

Roll things up.

Think about a sleeping bag. When you fold it up it takes up much more room than when you roll it up tightly. The same holds true for clothing. Another benefit of rolling your clothes is that they won’t get deep creases from folding.

Pack versatile clothing.

A reversible skirt or convertible pants give you more options without taking up more room in your carry-on. If you are flying during cooler months and like to have a pillow on the plane, you may also want to consider a jacket that turns into a pillow.

Think inside the shoe.

Running shoes, dress shoes and any of your other pumped up kicks take up a lot of space in your suitcase. One way to make the most of that space is to pack smaller items inside your shoes. Socks, belts and underwear can be rolled up and stuffed inside. This is also a great place to pack vacation souvenirs on the trip home to prevent them from getting broken.

Use compression bags.

These must-have travel accessories can reduce the volume of packed items by as much as 80 percent. They work perfect for bulky items such as a coats, sweaters or knit clothing. They cause certain fabrics to wrinkle, however, so you’ll want to carefully pick and choose what you put in them. Compression bags also work great when it comes time to put all of that dirty laundry back in your suitcase.

These are a few tried and true packing tips from the pros. Do you have any other tricks to fit more in your suitcase? Be sure to share your advice below.
Amy Johnson

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