7 Outdoor Party Games to Try this Summer

The summer party season is upon us. Outdoor BBQs, beach picnics, garden weddings — so much fun to be had! From Memorial Day through the 4th of July is the peak of summer party fun.  San Jose‘s life size Monopoly game inspired me to find other classic board games in the form of giant backyard fun! Here’s a look at some activities to get the party started (and keep it going)!

Backyard Game Collage.jpg

  1. Backyard Bowling- This backyard game would take a little more skill than most to really set up nicely, but its sure to be the hit of the community! Idea from Apartment Therapy
  2. Cornhole- A backyard classic for all ages. Inspiration from Pinterest
  3. Giant Jenga- Every Sunday is a funday at Viewhouse Eatery Bar and Rooftop in Downtown Denver, and there’s a good reason why: yard sports like giant Jenga. Full instructions for creating a Giant Jenga Game of your own at A Beautiful Mess
  4. Giant Outdoor Chess- There’s just something about being outdoors that makes this classic game so much more appealing. Getting a tan! Watch the video on DIY Network
  5. Jumbo Backyard Ker-Plunk- Take turns having each player remove one stick at a time. The object of the game is to remove the stick without having any balls fall out. In the end, the player who has the lowest number of balls wins. Full DIY instructions at All Parenting
  6. Lawn Dice- Perfect for a great game of Yahtzee or Farkle in the courtyard! Idea from DIY Show Off
  7. Lawn Scrabble-  If you’re a Scrabble junkie like myself, you just might be up for this challenge! Full instructions at Instructables


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some games to play! Be sure to share your ideas too! 



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