New Puppy?

Thinking about bringing home a new puppy into your apartment? Last year I was surprised with a new addition – Coco the corgi. Oh, she is the cutest.

Immediately after bringing her home, I headed right to the store. Here is a starter shopping list and tips for having a new puppy.

Shopping checklist:

Puppy food. It’s important to choose a good puppy that is formulated for little tummies. Your puppy’s digestion is not quite ready for adult dog food. It’s also a good idea to moisten the dry dog food with water or a little canned puppy food for the first few weeks home depending on the age of your puppy.

Collar. It’s time to get fashionable. Pick a color, with or without bling, for your little one that matches your personality. Adjustable is best as they’ll be growing in no time. The collar is also practical in order to be able to grab the little squirmy puppy when needed.

Crate/Bedding. I find it most helpful to crate train a puppy. Coco knows when she is in her crate, it’s time for rest. Puppies will not usually mess in their bedding area, so it is a great place to keep them from wandering freely around the apartment leaving you little “presents.”

Toys. If you prefer not to have your brand-new favorite pair of shoes chewed on, toys are a must. Select a wide variety of toys to keep puppy’s interest such as stuffed or rubberized toys. Look for good quality toys so that your puppy cannot break it into pieces and accidentally swallow part of the toy.

Things to remember:

You’ll get less sleep as puppies should be taken out in the night for potty time. And until they realize nighttime is for sleep, it’s similar to having a newborn baby.

Keep an eye on the puppy. Keep them away from electronics and cords as well as other items that may be unsafe. Remove valuables from the floor (vases, décor, etc.)

Take them out regularly. Walks outside encourage exercise and play which is great for your puppy’s development… and they prevent messes inside your apartment. UDR offers many pet friendly apartments as well as pet play areas and nearby dog parks. It’s a great opportunity to get them socialized with people and other dogs.

Take lots of pictures – they grow up so fast! Have fun and make special time for your new companion.

Chelsea Hoffman

has worked in online marketing for over ten years and in the multi-family industry for over five years. She lives just outside the Denver area but loves traveling to luxury apartment communities and the unique neighborhoods in which they reside across the US. Chelsea has a passion for her family, shopping, and NFL football. Follow for her favorite apartment views and posts about making it through this crazy world.

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