Meet Matz: The New York Mets Newest Member

Out in Queens, the infamous chants of “LET’S GO METS” by loyal NY Mets fans can be heard far beyond the bleachers. Pretty soon, that may change..

Playing for the hometown team you grew up rooting for, is a dream most young athletes have from the minute they start playing catch in their backyards. It is a fantasy that is rarely fulfilled, especially at the start of a career. Enter Steven Matz. The 24 year old grew up on Long Island rooting for the Mets and just recently he got the chance of a lifetime to be their starting pitcher.

Image Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Image Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Although his very first professional pitch resembled a nightmare, a Reds player hit a home run, he’s been living the dream ever since. The young pitcher settled down quickly and has led his team to two consecutive victories. Matz has not only pitched two spectacular games, but he also provided much-needed sparks to the hitting aspect of the team. He’s compiled 5 RBI’s, tying a team record for a player in their first two games. The amazing start has earned him internet fame, admiration of an entire fan-base, and even a sandwich named after him in his hometown!

In the history of first impressions in sports Matz knocked his opportunity out of the park!

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