March Madness is my Christmas

March Madness is absolutely my favorite time of year. I know people get excited about Christmas, and I suppose that’s fair. The decorations, the smell of pine and all of the holiday goodies are sure to put any normal person on a pseudo high. The thing that annoys me about Christmas is when people attribute a higher quality of life because of the season. “It’s such a magical time of year! It’s when miracles happen!”

Well, you could apply all of this to March Madness. Okay, maybe not the decorations or the smells…unless you find the smell of sports bars and leather enticing.

But let’s talk about magic. When is there another time of year when a 12 seed can take down a 4 seed to advance to the second round of the NCAA tournament, for the first time in their school history? I’m looking at you North Dakota State.

Or when can a 16 seed make a 1 seed team sweat it out along with all of their fans? Well played, Albany University! Or when can a significant basketball powerhouse lose in the first round? Sucks to be you, Duke.

When is sheer elation mixed with utter heartbreak? When Texas makes a buzzer beater basket to defeat Arizona State by one point. I’ve never seen so many happy and sad tears in one place before.

March Madness is a time when the impossible is possible. A time if you believe it deep enough, and cheer loud enough, your team can defy odds.


I know Christmas is popular. But miracles really do happen during March Madness. Just ask Wichita State.

Samantha Samuel

is the newest member of the UDR marketing team. She recently moved to Denver from Los Angeles, where she spent the past 4 years in property management marketing. Her new role as the online marketing manager fulfills her love for numbers, metrics and data. When she’s not crunching numbers in excel she can be found hiking, watching her fill of college basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and spending plenty of time in the Colorado sun.

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