Kennel Clutter With These Simple Pet Supply Organization Tips

Whether you have a posh poodle, a fashionable feline or a burly bulldog, pets and their supplies likely take up a lot of space in your apartment. That doesn’t mean you have to trip over a squeaky toy every time you turn around, however. With a little creativity and organization, it is possible to kennel the clutter and keep a short leash on the mess. Here’s how.

Gather up all of your pet supplies and decide what to trash and what to stash. Old toys that are broken or are too slobbery and dirty to use anymore should be thrown away. Toss treats or other food you pet refuses to eat, as well as any expired food or medications. Group your remaining supplies into categories:

  • Feeding supplies
  • Grooming supplies
  • Medication
  • Waste disposal
  • Toys
  • Leashes and collars

Next, decide if you would rather keep everything in one place or store supplies in various rooms in your carefully-appointed apartment.

One-Stop Storage Solution

Instead of storing food here, leashes there and grooming supplies yet somewhere else, purchase a chic armoire and turn it into a one-stop pet supply station. Place food in large plastic storage bins for less mess and place them on the bottom shelf. This is especially helpful if you buy food in bulk. Clean kitty litter should also be kept in a large bin with a lid. Clip leashes and collars to multi-use hanger and place it on the interior rod. Put other items in clearly-labeled boxes and store them on shelves.

Place of Use Method

Instead of keeping pet supplies in a single place, some people prefer to store things closer to the place of use—creating a dog-walking station in a coat closet near the front entrance, for example. Hang an organizer on the inside of the door and keep leashes, collars, throw toys and other essential dog walking supplied organized in the pockets. Yep Yup’s handy Heliotrope organizer with multi-sized pockets for all of your pooches pedestrian needs is a great product for this purpose. Or, for an affordable alternative that won’t leave holes in your door when you move out, repurpose this shoe organizer by Real Simple. No closet? Keep everything you need in a tote and hang it on a hook near the front door. Pet toys can be stashed in stylish storage ottoman in the living area, pet food in a special cabinet in the kitchen, etc.

Do you have any other ideas for simplify pet supply organization? Share them below.
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