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Keep Calm and Hire a Dog Walker

Anxious. Frustrated. Fatigued. The emotions you experience when you work long hours—especially when you labor through lunch without leaving your desk—are the same things dogs feel when they don’t get out of your pet-friendly apartment for a midday walk. Your canine companion needs to stretch his legs and enjoy some mental stimulation multiple times a day. It’s a primal need. If this need isn’t fulfilled, it leads to behavior and health problems. So what can you do to keep your dog calm and content, and protect your favorite loafers from getting chewed to pieces? Daycare for pets has its benefits, but many people prefer hiring a professional dog walker. Here’s why.

Save Money

Paying for a 30-minute walk is less expensive than a full day of care. Also, professional dog walking services often offer discounts on additional services like boarding, should you need to leave town for a few days.

Meet Individual Needs

The age and personality of your pooch play an important role in his exercise routine. Introverted or timid dogs may not thrive in the highly social environment of doggie day care. On the other end of the spectrum, aggressive breeds tend to be more docile when walked in a small group, and overly energetic pups can benefit from a long walk tailored with training.

Increase Security

More break-ins occur during daylight hours, while people are at work. Would-be burglars are deterred by homes with dogs, however, and having a dog walker come to your home in the middle of the day also increases security.

Be a Good Neighbor

Dogs bark when they are stressed. They run when they have pent up energy. Chances are none of your neighbors—whether upstairs, downstairs or on the same floor—will appreciate these behaviors. Keep the peace in your apartment building by making sure your pooch gets a midday walk.

Hiring a professional dog walker can be very beneficial to you and your pets. Before hiring just anyone, take the time to speak with the person who will be performing the service (not just a company representative). See how your dog interacts with the walker, and be sure to ask the right questions and discuss any specific concerns you have about your dog.

Do you have any questions to add to the list? Share them in the comments below.