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Just Add Water: Best Aqua Workouts in NYC

Aqua fitness classes are the latest craze. But these are nothing like the water aerobics classes you may have seen your granny doing. These are fun, fast-paced, high-intensity classes that sculpt every inch of your body. The water gives you a better range of motion, allowing you to move indifferent planes and train harder without the pain. Ready to take the plunge? Here are a few of the best aqua workouts in NYC.

Underwater Spinning

Aqua cycling started out as a rehabilitation technique for athletes suffering from knee injuries. As others realized the benefits of sitting in waist-deep water, pedaling against its natural resistance, the workout exploded in popularity. An hour-long underwater spinning class burns approximately 800 calories! The friction between the water and skin also stimulates the lymphatic system, massaging cellulite away. Underwater spinning is a great workout for all body type, as it builds muscle and bone strength without stressing joints and muscles. After attending one of the classes at AQUA, a boutique studio located at 78 Franklin Street in TriBeCa, you’ll wake up ready for more rather than stiff and sore.

Aqua Barre

Fancy yourself more of a ballerina than a biker? Aqua Barre classes incorporate classic ballet concepts into a salt-water workout. You don’t need to be a trained dancer to reap the benefits of this popular fitness routine, however. Classes are meant to increase your core strength, coordination and alignment through a series of isometric movements—no pirouettes required. New York Health and Racquet Club offers a variety of Sculpt and Barre classes in saltwater pools at its 9 locations across NYC. As with any type of water exercise, barre classes in saltwater leave your skin softer and offer better resistance than those in chlorinated pools.

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