Introducing the Hot New Restaurant Trend: Poké

Poké. It’s all the rage right now. Not that annoying thing that people used to do on Facebook. It’s pronounced PO-KAY. Poké is a raw fish dish marinated in soy sauce and seasoned with spices that originated in Hawaii. It’s typically served in a bowl or a cup with rice. Cheaper than sushi and lighter than cooked fish, this casual cuisine is sweeping the nation. Hawaiian restaurants and poké shacks are popping up everywhere. You can even order a bowl in some Japanese restaurants. Use this quick reference restaurant guide to find some poké in your neighborhood.

New York

The City That Never Sleeps has long been a culinary hot spot, with renowned restaurants serving unique and interesting dishes. These three restaurants are no exception.

  • Onomea  – 84 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn
  • Suzume – 545 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn
  • Noreetuh – 128 First Avenue, New York City East Village

Los Angeles

On the West Coast, there are plenty of innovative poké places to choose from as well. Most have the option to order online and get your bowl to go.

Washington DC

  • Daikaya – 705 6th Street NW, Washington DC
  • Maki Shop – 1522 14th Street NW, Washington DC
  • Abunai – food truck, location changes




One of the best places to grab a fish bowl in Boston is also one of the best places to get it in Denver.

Do you have a favorite poké place that we missed? Tell us where it is and why you love it by commenting below.

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