Interior Decorating Ideas to Hide Your Wi-Fi Router

Home. It’s where your Wi-Fi connects automatically, Netflix movies stream without buffering, and push notifications pop up without delay. But in order to enjoy these technological comforts in every room of your spacious apartment, your wireless router needs to be placed in a central location rather than hidden in a corner. That doesn’t mean that it has to be conspicuous, though. Try one of these ideas to make your Wi-Fi router blend seamlessly with your interior decorating scheme without sacrificing signal strength.

Strategically Stacked Books

Routers tend to work better when placed up high, where the radio waves have the ability spread out and transmit downward. Place your router on one of the top shelves of a bookshelf in your great room. I necessary, drill a small hole in the back of the bookcase for the cords, then place books around it both vertically and stacked horizontally to camouflage it. You could even remove the pages from a book to create a shell around the router for complete invisibility.

Box it Up

Use command Velcro strips to keep cords behind the legs of a decorative table in your entryway or living room, then run them into the back of a beachcomber basket or decorative box and place it on top of the table with your router inside. Avoid using metal baskets or containers for this purpose. Although they add a modern, industrial feel to your apartment, they also interfere with the radio waves.

Concealed Behind Canvas

Depending on the size of your router, you may be able to mount it on the wall and hang piece of canvas art over it. Place a vase or another decorative accessory in front of the cords to add depth and visual interest to your display, while hiding the cords at the same time.

Do you have any other clever ways to hide a Wi-Fi router? Share them by commenting below.

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