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How to Take Control of Your Holiday Eating Habits

Holidays are usually associated with special foods and beverages.At UDR, we know that overindulging is a real possibility, no matter the occasion. When you’re preparing to entertain friends and family in your luxury apartment, there are many creative ways to take control of your holiday eating habits.

Host a Cocktail Party

Choose to host a cocktail party rather than a multi-course sit-down dinner. Cocktail parties are synonymous with finger foods, which tend to be lighter, lower-calorie fare. Plus, the format gives everyone the chance to mingle and enjoy your stylish living space.

Furnish Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are the key to you and your guests feeling well-fueled as you celebrate together. Full of flavor and fiber, you can prepare and arrange these wholesome offerings in your beautiful kitchen. Try to match the seasonal occasion. For example, serve cherry tomato and basil bruschetta at Christmas and watermelon and blueberry kebabs on July 4.

Serve Sparkling Water and Mocktails

While guests expect cocktails at cocktail parties, you should plan to serve sparkling water and mocktails, too. Mocktails, such as virgin watermelon margaritas, lavender lemonade and mango mules, give people the chance to sip sophisticated beverages that are free of alcohol and its associated calories.

Stage Seating Away From The Serving Table

Give yourself and your guests a natural break from the food and beverages by staging comfortable seating away from the serving table. This is a particularly effective strategy for moving the focus from food to friendship. It also allows your attendees to enjoy the comfort and style of your luxury apartment and its remarkable amenities.

Let us know of any other creative ways with which you take control of your holiday eating habits when you entertain family and friends in your luxury apartment. We’d love to hear your seasonal tips and tricks. Comment on this post or share it with your friends and family.