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How To Seamlessly Incorporate Your Dog’s Bed Into Your Decor

You love your dog (or dogs!), and want him to have a comfortable place to sleep. But chic and comfortable aren’t always synonymous—whether it’s women’s shoes or accessories for pets. Don’t sacrifice the luxurious style of your pet-friendly apartment by cluttering it up with a kitschy dog bed. Get the best of both worlds by seamlessly incorporating your four-legged friend’s sleeping spot into your décor with these ideas.

Double-Duty Furniture

Look around your apartment. Chances are you already have some furniture that can also be used as a dog bed. In your bedroom, a nightstand with an open shelf on the bottom can double as a bed for smaller breeds. Cut a foam dog bed to size, and cover it with fabric that complements your own bedding for a seamless look. The same idea can be used with an island in your kitchen or a side table in your living room. Or, purchase an ottoman bench with a built-in pet bed for ultimate concealment and comfort.

The Matching Game

One of the top pet lifestyle brands, P.L.A.Y., offers a line of designer beds for dogs of all sizes, as well as matching throw pillows for their two-legged companions. Styles range from grey and black damask designs to brightly colored nature-inspired prints to whimsical pet themes. When placed in the same room, it looks as if they were custom made for your apartment décor.

Get Style Specific

There’s no reason to settle for an overstuffed pillow for your dog in the middle of a room decorated with a specific style of furnishings. Instead, purchase pet furniture in the same style as the rest of your apartment décor, whether its French Country or something a little more contemporary.

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