How to Create the Perfect Flower Arrangement

At most UDR apartments, you are within walking distance of a grocery store or florist. I had the pleasure of creating this arrangement at the apartment community, Acoma, in Denver, Colorado. Have you seen Acoma? Absolutely stunning. It was fun pretending like I lived there even though it was for only two hours. This arrangement turned out great. I bought most of my flowers from nearby grocery stores, and the rest from flower shops that sell flowers by the stem. There you can pick out your own flowers and make a customized arrangement for your home.  Here are a few tips to help you do your own arrangement and wow your next dinner party guest.



Floral Recipe

Peach Garden Roses

White Dahlias

Green Dutch Tulips

Yellow Leucadendron

Red Ranunculus


A type of palm leaf

Green = Good

Yes. Buy some greenery. Most grocery stores these days provide a bundle of greenery. I think it’s a great idea to invest in some. When making arrangements, most florists use a tape grid to help individual pieces stay in the place they want them to. You can use greenery in the same way. Start with whichever greenery you have picked out coming in at angle from all sides. This allows for a natural, organic grid that you can play with. I used a type of pittosporum. Try not to use all your greens at once. Set aside a few that you will use later to fill in any open areas.

“May You Have Flowers, Always and Always” – Claude Monet

When picking flowers, you can never go wrong sticking with a color palette that’s pretty similar. I went with peach garden roses, White Dahlias, lime green tulips, light yellow leucadendron, and pops of red ranunculus. Other than the dahlias and the ranunculus, you can buy most of these flowers at your local grocery store. I have yet to see those sold in a grocery store, but your favorite floral shop should have them with an option to buy just a couple stems. I suggest buying one extra just in case something happens to one on your way home. It’s an easy solution to the problem.

Form is Key

After you build your greenery base, start with a couple larger flowers. These will be the visual focal point in your arrangement. Personally, I start low and move my way up, so that they are staggered just a bit. I then fill in gaps with the leucadendron and use other roses to add depth and perspective to the piece.

Tulips tend to do their own thing. For this reason, I place them in locations where I believe they will shine the most. Here, I placed them close the to the edge of the vase so that they would extend further than most of the other flowers. (Note: Tulips will grow quickly so cut them shorter than you think as within a day they will mostly be where you want them to be.)

Last, I used the red ranunculus as my accent. I only used a few since they really pop and stand out. Place your accent flowers staggered throughout the arrangement. I like to place one towards the front and center.

My general style is more of a garden look; A bit natural and a bit airy. I personally think this makes my arrangements look bigger and more full than they really are.

Voila! You have created a beautiful arrangement for you and your guest(s) with just four different types of flowers and two greens. I found the vase at a local shop in town. With a lot of fun boutiques and thrift stores within driving distance of Acoma, I am sure you will find a treasure that will have your guest begging for the story behind it!

 Share your beautiful arrangements with us! We can wait to see what you come up with. Tag #FlowerswithUDRapts
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