Hosting the Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Young and old alike welcome the opportunity to forget about the drudgeries of daily life, dress up and pretend to be someone (or something) else for the night. Whether you are planning a sophisticated soirée or a screaming celebration, here are three steps to hosting the perfect Halloween party.

 1.     Choose a Theme

A theme adds an element of interest and intrigue to any costume party. It sets the tone for the party and lets guests know just how far they should go with their getup. The theme possibilities are endless, but you might want to try one of these ideas.

  • Couples and Cocktails: Invitees have to coordinate their costume with their plus-one at this creepy cocktail party.
  • Hollywood Halloween: Guests come dressed as their favorite celebrities or movie characters.
  • Build-a-Box: Guests must make their costumes using a cardboard box.
  • Monster Mashup:  Take a traditional costume and create a monster mashup. Think zombie cheerleaders. Vampire cowboys. You get the idea.
  • Flashback Attack: Choose a decade and invite attendees to dress in a costume inspired by it.

Be sure to include the theme on your invitation and give guests enough advance notice so they have time to concoct the perfect costume.

 2.     Give Your Apartment a Mood Makeover

Your tastefully decorated luxury apartment definitely makes a statement, but it probably doesn’t scream “enter if you dare!” Evoke the proper emotions by redecorating it a bit to set the mood. Dim the lights and drape creepy cloth over lamps or switch out your overhead lights with orange or black bulbs. You could also hang a skull in a spider cocoon over your mantel. Of course, the decorations should fit the theme. If you are going for Hollywood glamour, you would want to take a different approach—replacing the rug in your entryway with a red carpet and hanging gold stars from the ceiling.

 3.     Award Prizes

 When prizes are involved, guests will put more time and effort into their costumes. Let them know that this is a friendly competition!  Keep the categories creative and let guests vote for their favorites. The swag that the winners receive should correspond with the theme of your party. For example, awards for Build-a-Box could include one for the person who “Rocked the Box” and the “Fox in the Box” for the person who made their cardboard couture the sexiest.

 Tell us about the best Halloween parties you’ve attended or hosted. Do you have any other ideas for themes or costumes? Let us know!

Amy Johnson

is UDR’s budding social media guru, and has been instrumental in constructing the brand’s content strategy. After graduating from University of Colorado- Boulder, she started working for UDR as a marketing intern. When she isn’t perusing the web for the perfect pins and Facebook posts, she can be found hiking somewhere with her dog Rory.

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