Hosting a Successful Dinner Party in Your Apartment

Just because you don’t have a formal dining room with a dedicated table for ten doesn’t mean that you have to forego entertaining friends and family when you live in one of our luxury apartments. Our floor plans are thoughtfully designed to make every square foot usable and versatile. Whether you are hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or an informal dinner party, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your space and serve up an unforgettable event.

Decide on a Comfortable Number

Before you send out a mass evite to everyone in your contact list, determine how many guests you can comfortably seat in your apartment. The best dinner parties tend to be more intimate with a guest list of eight or ten. Still, you may need to rearrange and repurpose furnishings to comfortably host the event.

Get Creative

One of the easiest ways to seat more guests at a modest dining room table is to purchase a piece of plywood that extends about three feet beyond the edges of your regular table and place it on top. Cover it with a lux tablecloth and voila!—your six person table has just been transformed into a ten person table. Other creative ideas to make room for more guests include:

  • Pushing two coffee tables together to make a dining or buffet table
  • Using an ironing board for extra counter space
  • Placing appetizers in different places throughout the room to prevent crowding and encourage mingling
  • Serving a series of finger foods and skewered foods that people can eat standing up

Set the Mood as Well as the Table

No gathering is complete without the right atmosphere. Keep overhead lights dim. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, you might want to consider hanging paper lanterns or stringing clear Christmas lights for ambient lighting. A few fresh floral arrangements on the dining table will also enhance the mood. Be sure to keep them low so that guests can still see each other and carry on a conversation. Throw on a dinner party playlist to set the soundscape and seamlessly fill in any gaps in the conversation that could otherwise feel awkward.

Don’t hesitate to entertain in your luxury apartment. With a little creativity and careful planning, you can still entertain in the space that you have.

Do you have any tips and tricks of your own? Be sure to share them with other members of your apartment community by commenting below.





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