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Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party in Your Apartment

Can Tom Brady lead the Patriots to his fifth Super Bowl win? Or will the Falcons defense keep the ball out of the end zone? No one knows. One thing is certain though, your apartment is perfect for entertaining a crowd for the biggest football event of the year. Here’s how to host the perfect Super Bowl Party.

Protect Your Turf

Football fanatics get rowdy when their team is losing—and even rowdier when it’s winning! Choose decorations that are not only fun, but also functional. You won’t stress about guests using coasters or spilling some chip dip during an unbelievable play when your dining table is protected with this Fitted Football Field Table Cover. It’s also a good idea to set up small folding tables in select locations throughout your apartment where guests can place drinks or plates. You may also want to set napkins out in various locations for quick and easy access. Another winning strategy? Get your carpet and furniture professionally cleaned a few days before your party. Guests are subconsciously more careful when everything is spotless.

Stay Chill

Perhaps the most important aspect of a Super Bowl party is the selection of beverages. So stock up on some Sam Adams Boston Lager for the Patriot fans and some Red Brick Ale from the Atlanta Brewing Company for the Falcon crew. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of soft drinks and bottled water on hand as well. If you don’t have enough room in your fridge to keep everything cold, this 4-foot long Chill & Fill Party Table will do the trick. (An added bonus? It can also be used for a summer BBQ.) After all, serving warm beer is the ultimate party foul.

Make a Play

Not everyone is a hardcore baller. These are the people who are just there for the commercials and the halftime show. Keep the game interesting for them by playing Super Bowl Squares and awarding the pool to the winner. Return the favor to those who (gasp!) hate the commercials and keep them involved with Football Commercial Bingo. Pick up a variety of fun bingo prizes, like these Chillsners or some gift cards to local restaurants. This Football Bean Bag Toss Game is perfect for entertaining during the pre-game festivities or while you’re waiting for the MVP to be announced after the game.

Have you hosted a Super Bowl Party in the past? Share your own game plan in the comments below.