Holiday Party Games

It’s time to put an ugly sweater on the white elephant and place it back in the darkest depths of your closet. While both of these types of parties are entertaining, chances are you’ve already been invited to a few of them this season. Instead, try one of these holiday party games to up the fun factor next time you host a gathering in your apartment.

Couples Carols

Prior to your party, write down the names of popular Christmas songs on pieces of paper. You will need to write down each song twice, on different pieces of paper. When your guests have arrived, each person takes a slip of paper. Everyone then starts humming the song they got at the same time. Guests must walk around to find the other person humming the same song. The first pair to find each other put their hands in the air and start singing the lyrics out loud—they are the winners.

Minute to Win It – Christmas Edition

These types of games are great for couples parties or large groups. Each game listed offers a seasonal twist on games from the hit television show. The rowdier the crowd, the more fun you’ll have.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is a great ice breaker at smaller parties where everyone may not know each other. One at a time, each guest tells the others about the three worst Christmas gifts they ever received. (Big Mouth Billy Bass, perhaps?) As the name implies, two of them are true and one is a lie. The other guests at the party vote on which is which.

Fill the Christmas Stocking

Divide everyone into two teams. Participants race to fill their team’s stocking hanging on the other side of the room before the other team. Oh, and everything has to be carried on a spoon. Find items in varying sizes and shapes to make the game more challenging. One person might have to balance a handful loose pistachio nuts on the spoon, while another has to figure on how to get a wine opener across the room without dropping it.

Reindeer Antlers

Divide guests into groups of four. Each group gets a pair of nude pantyhose and eight balloons. On “go,” the groups race to blow up the balloons and stuff four in each leg of the pantyhose. Once all eight balloons are inside, one person puts the “reindeer antlers” on their head and sings Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. First team to get through the entire song wins. Be sure to take some fun photos with all of your reindeer friends.

What games do you like to play at holiday parties? Leave a comment and let us know.

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