Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping for Him

Shopping for that special guy in your life can be tricky. You want to give him something special and memorable, letting him know you care without going overboard and scaring him off. Here are a few shopping tips to help make gift giving easy this holiday season.

The gift should match the level of your relationship.

If you’ve only been out on a couple of dates, it probably isn’t the best idea to give him season tickets to his favorite baseball team. Not only is this extravagant, but it also presumes you will be together six months down the road—awkward! Instead, consider something unique like a pair of cufflinks made from a used baseball. If your relationship is more serious, you might want to shop for something more sentimental.

Give him a gift that matches his interests, not yours.

Is your guy an avid hiker with hashed up feet to prove it? Don’t give him a pedicure at your favorite day spa. This is something you would like much more than he would. Instead give him a gift that he will actually enjoy using. This could range from something practical like a SteriPen Ultra to purify his drinking water or something personal like an engraved pocket compass.

Choose something that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.

Think about the best presents you have ever received. They aren’t gift cards to your favorite store or necessities that you would buy for yourself anyway. Keep this in mind when shopping for your guy. A pair of cashmere socks is a luxurious alternative to a basic-yet-boring wardrobe staple. Or, if he’s always stocking up on disposable hand warmers before ski season, he might appreciate a pair of heated gloves.

These are just a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your guy. Do you have any other shopping advice? What are some of best presents you’ve received from a significant other? Let us know!
Amy Johnson

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