Holiday Gift Guide: Secret Santa Gifts for Co-Workers

Shopping for Secret Santa gifts would be a lot easier if you drew out the name of a friend or colleague that you frequently chatted with around the cubical wall. As chance would have it, however, you are usually assigned to buy a gift for someone you barely know. Whether you are shopping for the IT guy that fixed your email problem six months ago or the shivering secretary that gets blasted with cold air every time the office door opens, our holiday gift guide has all of your coworkers covered.

For the Person That Always Brings Lunch From Home

Enable your breakroom buddy to retire dated Tupperware and replace it with this chic stackable lunch pot that is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Or, give treat him to an off-campus lunch with a gift card to a nearby restaurant.

For the Entertainment Buff

Have you noticed that the person you are tasked with buying a gift for always knows what the best movies are and frequently quotes lines from streaming shows? If that’s the case, she will be thrilled to receive an Entertainment Weekly Must List Notepad and a Bullseye Coffee Mug. Older coworkers that aren’t sure how to stream television but still converse about the classics will appreciate this Color TV Memo Pad.

For the Tech Geek

You can’t go wrong with a unique business card holder as a Secret Santa gift. The aforementioned IT guy will love this Circuit Board Case, while self-proclaimed fan-boys and mainstream Star Wars buffs alike will get a kick out of this Han Solo in Carbonite Case.

For the Bike Commuter

You’ve smiled and said hello as she locked up her bike, but beyond that you don’t know her likes and dislikes. No worries. These Holiday Bike Chain Ornaments can be used to adorn a cubicle-sized Christmas tree or attached to a backpack or briefcase and used as a zipper pull year-round.

For the Person With the Cold Handshake

It doesn’t matter if he is building a complex system of spreadsheets or keeping tabs on Facebook friends. The hand that uses the mouse tends to get cold quickly in the winter months. Give the gift of warmth with a heated mouse or heated lotion dispenser.

Does your office do a gift exchange each year? What are some of your favorite Secret Santa items you have given or received? Share more ideas with other professionals by commenting below.

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