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Hire an Interior Designer or DIY?

Apartment hunting is over. You’ve signed your lease, and you’re just waiting on moving day. Until then, you might be wondering: Do I need to hire an interior designer? While we’re a little biased, we know that hiring a designer is an investment that not everyone has the resources for. From selecting colors to settling on accent pieces, designing an apartment is a rewarding, and sometimes stressful, process. Here are some ways designers can offer help, and other ways you can pick up the hammer and nails and do it yourself.

Furniture + Decor Layout: Designer

Few things are more frustrating than loading all of your furniture off of the moving truck and finding you have no idea how it is supposed to all fit in your new place. On the other hand, you might realize you don’t have enough furniture to fill a bigger space and your dream apartment starts looking a little lackluster. When it comes to laying out your furniture and decor, we advise hiring a designer. Not only do they have a keen eye for trendy ways to situate your belongings, but they are also trained in proportion and scale to make sure your space looks and feels balanced.

Mixing Old and New: DIY

Your apartment is probably equal parts hand-me-down decor, college furnishings and a few investment pieces. While hiring an interior designer is helpful, it isn’t necessary when it comes to mixing your most cherished pieces with grab-and-go items you purchased just because. There are many resources at your disposal, from websites and social media to friends and family in similar situations. Once you start moving and shifting accessories and furnishings, you’ll find a flow that you’re comfortable with.

Color Palette: Designer

Color might be the most important element to consider when moving into a new space. While you may love emerald green, it may not look its best when splashed on your rustically styled wall. Ensure that your aesthetic is communicated stylishly by hiring a designer to give you a color consultation. Not only will they tell you which colors work and which don’t, but they might also offer up suggestions on ways to accent the colors with finishes and textures that are complementary, too.

Accents and Details: DIY

Thoughtful details are often forgotten about when it comes to furnishing a new space. Sometimes we get so caught up with finding the right sofa that we forget to hang pictures or find room for our favorite heirlooms. After moving in, take a weekend to sift through your valuables and collectibles and find proper spaces for each. Your apartment could be as beautiful as a showroom, but it won’t feel quite like home until your favorite trinkets are on display. If it still feels bare after everything is in place, shop for some wall decor to add extra personalization and flair.

Do you have any experience with interior designers or decorating your apartment? Be sure to share in the comments below!