Halloween Costume Ideas for All Ages

Listen up boos and ghouls! The number of days to figure out what you are going to wear on Halloween are disappearing faster than the candy you left on your doorstep for the trick-or-treaters last year. While some people spent months putting together an ensemble, the key to a killer costume isn’t complexity, but rather creativity. Here are a few simple DIY costume ideas perfect for young and old alike.

Frankenstein and his Bride

Girls of all ages dream what their wedding dress will look. Tear that dream to pieces—literally—by going as the Bride of Frankenstein this year. All it takes is a crazy black wig and a white dress from a thrift shop with a few tears and tatters. While you’re there, pick up an oversized jacket for your guy. He can put a pair of pair of football shoulder pads under it and paint his face green.

Zombie Sports

Going to a party as a group? Rip some matching football jerseys, splatter some red paint on them and go as a zombie football team. Girls in the group can do the same to cheerleading uniforms. Be sure to have one member of the group don a referee shirt complete with a blood spattered whistle.

Fun and Games

If you fancy amusement over macabre, look for costume inspiration in your game closet and get to work.

  • Rubik’s Cube: All you need is a square cardboard box and some colored paper or poster board. Cut holes in the side and top of the box for your head and arms, then affix nine squares in various colors to each side of the box. If you prefer to be the solved version of this classic 3-D combination puzzle, cut a piece of poster board to fit each side of the box and use black masking tape to create the illusion of different squares.
  • Guess Who?: Use fabric paint to draw a question mark on a basic red or blue t-shirt, then cut the middle out of a piece of white poster board to create a frame. Choose your favorite Guess Who? Character and use wigs, mustaches, hats or other props to become that character. All it takes to become Maria, for instance, is a kicky green beret, a pair of gold hoop earrings, some serious blush and your best “fish” face.
  • Lego: Let’s face it: guys never outgrow their love of Legos. Grab a rectangular-shaped cardboard box, glue some large round lids to the front and spray-paint it your favorite Lego color.
  • Clue: For something a bit more mysterious, grab a group of friends or family members and dress up as Mrs. Peacock, Col. Mustard or any other characters from the board game clue. Chances are, you already have Mrs. White’s LBD in your closet and just need to accessorize it with a wig and a lead pipe. Professor Plum’s signature brown jacket can be found at just about any thrift store.

Do you have any other DIY costume ideas? How much time do you typically spend putting a Halloween costume together? Let us know in the comments below.

Amy Johnson

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