Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?

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Thankfully it’s getting warmer and I can finally store my snow boots. It’s great to open the curtains up every morning and let the sunshine brighten my rooms. I love this time of year, but before summer, I need to complete my yearly spring cleaning. But where should I start?

1. Make a list. I find it’s easier if I make a big, master list. Organize by room and list several small tasks needed to deep clean each room. If you just add “clean bedroom” it becomes a little overwhelming. For example, under master bedroom add wash bedding, dust, vacuum, clean off nightstand, clean light fixtures, clean baseboards, organize closet, organize dresser, etc. You can handwrite, create a word doc, or use one of the task/productivity apps on your phone such as Wunderlist.

2. Set a deadline. Make a plan to accomplish a portion of your list by a set time. If you don’t set a deadline, the list will just collect dust on its own. Also determine if you want to go through and dust each room or if you want to stay focused on one room until it’s finished. Cross off each item as you complete to keep you motivated.

3. Deep clean. Declutter. Get all the corners. Clean out the fridge. Throw out old makeup. Hunt down dust bunnies and cobwebs. Seek out those areas that you usually overlook in your weekly cleaning.

4. Purge. As you are working through each room, make sure you bring a box for donations to charity. Did you wear that sweater even once this winter? If not, it’s probably an item you can let go. Spring is a perfect time of year to get rid of excess and make room in your closets for summer shopping.

5. Make a plan. Create a weekly cleaning schedule to help keep your home sparkling clean throughout the year. There are several lists and tip sheets you can find on Pinterest to help keep you on top of your cleaning.

6. Relax and enjoy. Invite a few friends over for a get together. You’ve worked hard – you deserve it.

What spring cleaning tips do you have to get your home sparkling? What routine have you created to ensure all of the nooks and crannies of your home get a deep clean?

Chelsea Hoffman

has worked in online marketing for over ten years and in the multi-family industry for over five years. She lives just outside the Denver area but loves traveling to luxury apartment communities and the unique neighborhoods in which they reside across the US. Chelsea has a passion for her family, shopping, and NFL football. Follow for her favorite apartment views and posts about making it through this crazy world.

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