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Fur-busters for Minimizing Dog Hair

You like your new neighborhood and your stylish pet-friendly apartment. You love your dog but are tired of his hair everywhere — floors, clothing and furniture. Depending on the breed, various levels of shedding is expected in all dogs. In the big, complex scheme of things, this is a small and easy problem to fix. Try the following inexpensive steps for a hair-free dwelling and well-groomed dog.

Invest in Cleaning and Grooming Supplies

Having a set of appropriate cleaning tools will not only make your job easier but also eliminate some of the problems at the source. Here are a few devices that cover different parts of the pet and the apartment:

Commit to Your Care and Prevention Chores

In between regular trips to a professional groomer, stick to a frequent pet brushing and cleaning regimen. When you are bathing your dog at home, make sure to dry thoroughly and use a dog shampoo, because people and dogs have different pH balances. Apart from genetics, a healthy coat on a pet is the result of a balanced diet. Make sure to consistently include all the essentials such as proteins and fatty acids in proper proportions to minimize dander and shedding. Changing the air filter often helps keep the air quality high. After a trip to the park, clean the paws at the door with a hand mitt so that the dirt from the outdoors does not reach the furniture.

Use Furniture Covers

Cover furniture and key areas with throws, blankets and rugs that can easily be machine washed. The following are helpful in removing hair from the furniture:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Dry sponge
  • Tape

Do you have some tips and tools of your own to share with the UDR community? Share them in the comments section.