Funny Dog Names You Might Consider

Whether you’re on a waiting list for an eight-week-old Golden Doodle, or you’re just one of those people (join the club) who gawks over doggie Instagram accounts incessantly, we can all agree there’s nothing better than a pup with a fantastic name. Move over Fido–here are 12 ideas that take canine naming to the next level. At the very least, one of these funny dog names will make for a great icebreaker at the dog park.

  1. Billie Howliday

    Soon to be considered one of the greatest howling voices of all time.

  2. Bob

    The funniest people names for dogs are either nerdy, old-fashioned or very “generic,” like Bob.

  3. Charlie Brown

    Snoopy will be jealous of this clever spin.

  4. Jimmy Chew

    Though chewed shoes are never funny, the name is.

  5. Kale

    Ironic or not, no one will ever know.

  6. Matzo Ball

    A ball of face-licking cuteness.

  7. Notorious D.O.G. (Or Diggie Smalls)

    How about this for a notoriously funny name?

  8. Ozzy Pawsborne

    Give this one to a rockin’ cool pup.

  9. Parmesan

    Let’s face it: We were never able to say “when” to the waiter anyway.

  10. Potato

    Perfect for your canine couch potato.

  11. Sir Barks-A-Lot

    Because that baby’s got bark!

  12. Winnie The Poodle

    This name is for a poodle who’s cuddly as a bear. And maybe one that loves honey.

No matter what name you pick, welcoming a new dog into your life is sure to bring you lots of joy and laughter for years to come. Check out these tips for choosing the right dog for your lifestyle.

Amy Johnson

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