My Rebound Team

I was so excited to watch basketball this weekend. Kansas was set to play first thing Sunday morning and I woke up ready to cheer like I’ve never cheered before. I even found the KU bar in Denver. They sang the school song before the game and they had a DJ lead everyone in the school chant! I felt like I was back in Lawrence at Allen Field House! They even had a Jayhawk inspired menu and bottomless mimosas. What more could a Jayhawk need? Anyways…we lost.

The thing about being a Jayhawk is that you have to be used to them losing when they should have won. This is not the first time we’ve lost in the second round of this tournament. It certainly won’t be the last. But we’ve also won the tournament a few times too. I’m not a sports expert, so I won’t pretend to know why we are so inconsistent. But I do know that being a Jayhawk means being used to heartbreak.

Along with the Kansas loss and me being heart broken for the rest of the weekend, Syracuse, Wichita State (shocker), Villanova and Creighton lost. All top seeds. Some would say that it’s a coincidence (read conspiracy), that the first time there’s a billion dollars on the line, so many upsets happen in the first 2 rounds. I don’t really buy in. This is why March Madness is so great! You never know what will happen!

The good news is that I’ve lost all of the money I bet on this tournament, so I can watch the rest of the games with no agenda or anxiety. I would love it if a random team like the Dayton Fliers won it all. But I think I’m going to have to start cheering for UCLA. (I always said I was a Bruin by blood. A lot of my cousins went to school there. I even know the 8-clap!) Do I think they can beat Florida? No. But wouldn’t it be awesome if they did?! What can I say? Heartbreak follows me.


Samantha Samuel

is the newest member of the UDR marketing team. She recently moved to Denver from Los Angeles, where she spent the past 4 years in property management marketing. Her new role as the online marketing manager fulfills her love for numbers, metrics and data. When she’s not crunching numbers in excel she can be found hiking, watching her fill of college basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and spending plenty of time in the Colorado sun.

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