Finding the Right Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

Nothing is more warm and welcoming than opening your front door to find your canine companion waiting for you, tail wagging. Dog owners are healthier and happier than non-pet owners. This is in part due to the active lifestyle that comes with owning a dog, as well as the mutual adoration. If you don’t already have a dog of your own, you may want to consider opening your home to one. But which breed is right for you? Here are a few things to consider before making a long-term commitment.

Full-Grown Size

Puppies are adorable—there’s no disputing that fact. But even the tiniest puppies grow up. And they grow quickly. Larger dogs not only require more food, but they also need more space. We offer a number of spacious, pet-friendly apartments that are comfortable for many different breeds. Still, you may want to stick with a small or medium size dog so that you don’t feel cramped.

Puppy or Adult

Again, puppies are cute. But they require a lot of monitoring and training in the beginning. If your busy lifestyle doesn’t leave a lot of time to meet the demands of a new puppy, you may want to consider adopting a shelter dog instead. Older dogs leave fewer messes in their new home and acclimate to their new family members faster than young pups.

Amount of Allergens

If you or other members of your household are prone to allergies, you’re best bet is a hypoallergenic hound of sorts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to purchase an expensive, designer breed with a short coat that barely sheds. Some people are allergic to pet dander, while others are sensitive to saliva. Schnauzers and Bichons produce very little dander, while German Shepherds fall at the other end of the spectrum.

Ultimately, your decision will be based on these and a number of other factors. Use this dog breed selector to help you determine which kind of dog best suits your lifestyle.

Do you have any other advice for potential pet-owners? Share it below.

Amy Johnson

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