Where to Find the Best Sushi in LA

Los Angeles is the unofficial Sushi Capital of the US. The raw Japanese rolls of fish and rice were first introduced to Americans in the mid ‘60s at a restaurant in LA’s Little Tokyo neighborhood, and the California Roll was born in Los Angeles shortly thereafter when avocado was substituted for a seasonal type of tuna. Today there are countless sushi restaurants found everywhere from strip malls in the suburbs to exclusive eateries in the heart of city. But where can you find the best sushi in LA? Here are a few local faves.

Hide Sushi

When you’re craving straightforward sushi dishes at reasonable prices, look no further than the family-owned Hide Sushi. They offer a lunch special combination before 2:30 PM for just over $10 an dinner combinations average around $14, and the cuts are generous.

Nobu Matsuhisa

Part of the Nobu chain, this restaurant not only serves up some of the freshest, most innovative rolls in town, but also in the world. In fact, Nobu made New York Times’ list of Top 10 Restaurant Destinations in the World in 2013. Proprietor Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, a Japan native, successfully completed a demanding internship at a renowned sushi bar in Tokyo before opening his own restaurants. Try a signature dish like the Kanpachi Sashimi with Baby Artichoke and Yuzu Dressing or go during happy hour and enjoy a sampling of specials.

Mori Sushi

Specially grown rice and other fine ingredients have elevated Mori Sushi to rock star status in the culinary community. Sushi is served in omakase style dinners or entrée style on the chef’s own handmade ceramics. While it’ll cost you anywhere from $100 – $200 per plate, it’s worth every penny.

Asanebo Japanese Gourmet

This Zagat-rated restaurant is the ambition of brothers Tetsuya and Shunji Nakao, who were also involved in the opening of Nobu Matsuhisa. This is not an offshoot of Nobu, however. Every item on the menu boasts its own unique flavor from the house special Nuta Negi to the Toro Tartare.


At the highest end of the price spectrum is Urasawa. This intimate restaurant in Beverly Hills serves up small plates for big bucks—expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per person for dinner here. The cuisine is authentic and the presentation is artistic.

What are your favorite rolls at these restaurants? Is one of your favorite sushi spots near your LA apartment missing from the list? Comment below and share your picks and pans.
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