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Do’s and Dont’s of Gym Etiquette

One of the great things about living in a luxury apartment community is the modern amenities. Each of our locations offers access to an upscale fitness center boasting top-of-the-line cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training equipment. There’s more to working out than simply using the equipment, though. Before you saddle up for a spinning session or fire off a round of pistol squats, make sure you are familiar with the dos and don’ts of gym etiquette.

Do say “hi,” but don’t strike up unwanted conversations. There is a strong sense of camaraderie in our apartment communities. A friendly, “hello” or a quick, “can I spot you?” is fine, but be careful about starting conversations. The guy lifting weights needs total concentration to do so safely. Even if you just want to know how many more sets he plans to do, wait until he breaks between sets to ask. Similarly, the woman on the treadmill with her earbuds in might prefer to run without chatting.

Don’t bring your cell phone. Perhaps the only thing more distracting than having someone try to talk to you when you are in a zone is being forced to listen to someone else’s phone conversation. Leave your cell phone at home when you go to the fitness center. If you use your phone for music or to track your workout, have the courtesy to silence the ringer and don’t talk on it while you are at the gym.

Do wipe down the equipment. Be sure to clean up after using any piece of equipment. Use the disinfectant spray or wipes provided at the facility to clean off anything that is moist or sweaty after use. It is also good form to wipe off screens, buttons and other things that you touched with your hands.

Don’t drop the weights. Whether you are using dumbbells, barbells or a weight machine, let the weights down gently. Don’t drop them on the floor or let them crash together at the end of a set. This keeps the equipment in mint condition for everyone to enjoy longer.

Regardless of your fitness level, it is important to conduct yourself properly in the gym. This allows you and other members of your community to get the most out of your workout with the least amount of annoyance.

What annoys you at the gym? Feel free to add to our list of dos and don’ts by leaving a comment.