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Discover Unique Ways To Give Back

There’s no better feeling than giving back to your community. While charitable efforts tend to rev up around the holidays, you can make a difference every day of the year. UDR has compiled some unique ways to give back that are well-suited to residents of high-quality apartment homes and communities.

Set Up a Book-Swap Library

Books bring people together, sparking our imaginations and provoking lively discussions. Consider setting up a book-swap library space in your apartment community to get your fellow residents on the same page — literally. Donate your favorite used books and encourage your neighbors to contribute their own beloved copies.

Get Your Hands Dirty

A shared garden is an excellent way to bring people together and enhance their quality of life. Turn a piece of community property into a vegetable or flower garden that residents can tend and enjoy. Throughout the world, community gardens promote multigenerational socialization and mental and physical well-being.

Champion a Food Drive

Charity really does begin at home — oftentimes in the kitchen! Contact your local food bank or shelter for a list of their most-needed grocery and non-perishable items. Share this information with your neighbors via email or your resident portal. Specify a drop-off timeframe and location so you can plan to make a single delivery to the organization.

Organize a Yard Sale

A yard sale is an ideal way to get people to clean out their cupboards and support the local charity of your choice. Ask your neighbors to donate their unwanted electronics, furniture and clothes to the cause. Everyone wins when the charity receives the proceeds and residents clear their apartment homes of clutter.

Finally, another unique way to give back is to share this blog post with others or comment on it. Tell us what you think about our recommendations for giving back and how you’ve contributed to your own one-of-a-kind community.